Capri wedding photographer since 1988


Most wedding photographs are the same. There is a standard format that wedding photographers tend to follow, often resulting in a bland series of photographs of people in stock poses that no-one really wants to look at again. If you want something different, something that reflects how special this day is to you, something that people will be excited to look at, call me.


I see wedding photography as photojournalism. My task is to observe and record what happens on the day, to reflect the personalities of the people and the excitement of the event. You will get a record of the events of the day rather than a series of almost identical group shots.


I was born on the Isle of Capri and have lived here all my life. If you are getting married on the island, you will want your wedding photographs to reflect that. I know where to go to get the best shots, and my vast experience as a landscape photographer means I can take photographs of the happy couple in locations that reflect the magic of this beautiful island.


Your photographs will reflect not only the event, but also the mood and atmosphere of this special place, and the emotions you felt when you tied the knot here.